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Ghana White Soap

It is HANDMADE with natural ingredients.
Ghana white soap (Samla Yen) black Soap is originally made in Ghana.
This soap is uniquely made by hand. The production process is quite lengthy, but the ingredients are simple, the same as African black soap but much gentler on the skin.

The soap lathers very well and will become darker and harder once water is introduced. It will leave you feeling squeaky clean without stripping it.

It is just as effective as traditional dark black soap. Samla Yen is traditionally used to help clear rashes, acne, or persistent skin blemishes and irritations. The most important thing this soap does is even out your skin tone with regular use. This White soap is a naturally soft soap and should not be left in sitting water. You can use this soap all over your body. It's best to use it on a sponge/body cloth. Only a small amount creates lots of foam.

The color is natural off white/cream color
(1) one is approximately 3-4 ounces

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