Ambunu Leaves Ceratotheca Sesamoide African Herb False Sesame African Traditional Shampoo No Poo Shampoo Ambunu From Chad


Are you looking for a good natural detangler? Ambunu not only detangles your hair but it prevents dry scalp and lessens hair loss, it can be used as a natural no poo shampoo, it also gives you stronger and thicker hair. Ambunu is an African herb that creates beautiful mucilage when soaked in steaming hot water.

If your suffering from shedding or postpartum shedding. Regular use of Ambunu will decrease/stop the shedding and strengthen your hair.

Ingredients: Ceratotheca Sesamoid (Ambunu)

Directions: Put (1) liter of hot water in a container and add two (2) tablespoons of Ambunu. Let sit for 10 (Ten) minutes. Then gently massage into the hair and scalp.

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Tip: Once it's strained, put in an applicator bottle.

The powder may contain small pieces of the ambunu plant.

100% Natural
No Additives

Product of Africa distributed in USA

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