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Amla Mint Hair Oil Ayurvedic Hair Care Indian Gooseberry Peppermint Essential Oil Hair Care

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Give your hair the moisture it needs with our infused amla mint oil with a recipe that have been used for thousands of years. The olive oil that we use in all of our products is 100% pure. This perticular oil have a limited quantity and have been infused with Organic Amla and peppermint essential oil. You are able to use this oil on your hair and/or body.


Amla/Indian Gooseberry enriches hair growth and hair pigmentation. It strengthens the roots of hair, maintains color, and improves luster. Featuring a number of essential fatty acids, amla oil is thought to strengthen hair follicles and condition hair. Amla also known as a superfood for hai because of it's high Vitamin C content has almost twice the antioxidant power of acai berry and about 17 times that of pomegranate. Amla is one of the richest sources of vitamin C. It contains an array of antioxidants such as emblicanin, phyllantine,  quercetin, gallic acid, and ellagic acid. Amla also contains a high concentration of minerals, amino acids, as well as strong immunity boosting properties.

Proponents also claim that amla oil can help treat dry, itchy scalp and dandruff.
Long used in ayurveda, amla oil is traditionally made by immersing dried amla fruit in oil.


The benefits of peppermint essential oil can be described as:
*insecticidal and pesticidal
*analgesic and anesthetic
*vasodilating (and vasoconstricting)
Some people have used the oil as a remedy for hair loss. This may be because the menthol in peppermint essential oil is a vasodilator, and vasodilators improve blood flow. It is also a proven stimulant which stimulate the hair and scalp.
I personally massage oil into my scalp and use it on my skin as a moisturizer but you can do whatever works for you, this oil can also be used in your bath water as a bath oil.

Ingredients: pure organic amla infused olive oil, peppermint essential oil.