Bamboo Silk Hair Serum Heat Protectant w/ Jojoba oil, Bamboo extract *Frizz Control *Cupuacu Butter *Silk Wrap Hair Care Preservative Free

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Our hair serum is ideal for split end repair and provides instant smoothing benefits to help damaged hair look its best. Over time, the formula greatly reduces the appearance of split ends and strengthens hair to lower the risk of future damage. It can be used in multiple ways and will fit easily into your daily hair care routine. Use it on wet hair or as a heat protectant, or apply it before bed like an overnight hair mask. You can even apply it to dry hair to boost shine. A natural alternative to use when silk wrapping the hair. Preservative-free.

Capacau Butter
Cupuacu is well known for its high fatty acid content which benefits dry, damaged hair while protecting moisture and leaving hair soft and silky.

Bamboo extract
Bamboo is one of the highest sources of natural silica which is responsible for its incredible strength, and suppleness. Silica is one of the most important constituents in human collagen where it plays a key role in improving elasticity.

Jojoba oil
Jojoba is one of the most nutrient-rich oils that is readily accepted by the scalp and does not bother the scalp’s natural balance. This is because of its similar molecular structure to sebum (the scalp's natural oil). It is composed of 98% monounsaturated fats and 2% saturated fats so it can penetrate the hair follicle and strengthen hair fibers from the inside. As a conditioner jojoba helps to add shine, elasticity, and softness to hair.

Natures Silk
NatureSilk is a 100% natural ultra pure moisturizer and emollient that is sustainable. Silk binds to the keratin that we have in our hair creating a layer to help protect against moisture loss. During this binding process, the moisture of silk is able to penetrate and strengthen damaged hair.

Benefits & Uses:
Tames flyaway hair, control frizz
Enhances shine
Repair dry thirsty strands
Heat protectant
Pre-poo treatment
Silk Wrap
Natural hair care

Use: Pump a dime-size amount into hands and massage into scalp and apply evenly throughout hair. Style as desired.

Ingredients: coconut oil, capacau butter, silk, jojoba oil, avocado oil, coconut esters, bamboo extract, sodium lactate, olive oil.

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