Face Serum Infused with Aloe Vera & Hyaluronic Acid *Natural Soothing Facial Moisturizer*Anti-Aging

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I formulated this oil-free facial moisturizer for sensitive skin in which most of us have in the facial area. I also use an natural preservative called leucidal. 


Derived from radishes fermented with Leuconostoc kimchii, a lactic acid bacteria that has traditionally been used to make kimchi, this product consists of an isolated peptide that is secreted from the bacteria during the fermentation process that has been shown to have antimicrobial benefits. Leucidal® Liquid is accepted by ECOcert as an ingredient in certified organic cosmetics. It is also on Whole Foods Acceptable Premium Preservative List. My choice of preservative is the most important factor when it comes to formulating my products. Leucidal® is a probiotic based ingredient created by the fermentation of Lactobacillus in a defined growth medium. Lactobacillus is one of the species of microorganisms used to produce fermented products such as sauerkraut.

Lemon Essential Oil

Properties of Lemon Essential Oil

*Anti- inflammatory.

Lemon essential oil is widely referred to as a powerful remedy to fight acne spots. The oil is a rich source of antioxidants, citric acid and vitamin c properties that help reduce acne-causing bacteria and germs. The essential properties contained in the oil aid the skin to boost the production of collagen and maintain an equal balance between sebum production. As a result, the skin can reduce acne scars. Lemon oil contains citric acid which is used as a safe skin hyperpigmentation agent. The oil contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that reproduce damaged melanin cells. Often when over exposed to excessive sunlight the ray’s damages estrogen and progesterone hormones. 

Lemon essential oil penetrates the skin to produce new cells and a balanced PH skin levels. Lemon oil contains powerful properties such as vitamin C and citric acid that aid to safeguard the skin cells against premature aging. The essential properties contained in the oil aid the body in fighting off competition from the free intruders that steal body oxygen. The oxygen stealing invaders that attack the body causes the skin cells to degenerate. Thus the skin looks dull and lifeless causing it to wrinkle and sag.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally within our own bodies. Despite its name, hyaluronic acid is actually known for its ability to retain moisture. Hyaluronic acid isn't harsh or skin stripping at all, its an humectant. This moisturizer have anti-inflammatory properties and help reverse collagen. When we’re young, hyaluronic acid is found naturally in abundant quantities in our skin. Also known as a glycosaminoglycan, hyaluronic acid is one of the reasons that youthful skin appears plump and hydrated. However, as we age, the amount of naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid found in our skin begins to dwindle which can result in our skin beginning to show some signs of skin aging. In addition to intrinsic aging—that is aging caused by the passing of time—over time a poor diet and/or smoking can also affect the amount of hyaluronic acid that occurs naturally within the skin, which may also contribute to visible signs of skin aging. Hyaluronic acid is a potent humectant that is soothing to the skin and is generally suitable for most skin types including oily, combination, and sensitive skin. Skin healing is one of the many benefits of hyaluronic acid, alleviating cartilage loss.

Aloe Vera

Aloe moisturizes the skin without giving it a greasy feel, so it`s perfect for anyone with an oily skin complexion. For women who use mineral-based make-up, aloe vera acts as a moisturizer and is great for the face prior to the application to prevents skin drying. As we age, everyone begins to worry about the appearance of fine lines and the loss of elasticity in their skin. Aloe leaves contain a plethora of antioxidants including, beta carotene, vitamin C and E that can help improve the skin's natural firmness and keep the skin hydrated. Aloe vera contains over 75 different nutrients including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugars, anthraquinones or phenolic compounds, lignin, saponins, sterols, amino acids and salicylic acid.

Ingredients: purified aqua, aloe vera, hyuarolic acid, leucidal, lemon essential oil.

Directions: Simply apply to clean skin wet or dry especially after a facial treatment/mask.