STRENGTH & RESTORE 3 in 1 Hair Mask Powder Lotus Flower Marshmallow Root Coconut Milk Powder Rose Petal Amla Fruit Powder Ayurvedic Hair Care

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Strengthening and volumize your hair naturally with our nourishing hair powder/mask. This hair mask promotes thicker, fuller hair without parabens, sulfates, or other harsh ingredients. Breathe new life into dull, limp hair with this botanical powerhouse. This proprietary mixture of ingredients has been used for many years in the Ayurvedic system to stabilize the pH of your hair shaft, help improve the thickness and volume of the hair.  Multiple different uses for this strengthening treatment hair powder, hair gloss, pre-poo oil, and many more of your creations! A few recipes are below to start with.  If you're new to using ayurvedic herbs you want to start off with a hair gloss.

This effective, all-natural hair mask:

🌿 helps strengthen hair and roots
🌿 helps with premature graying
🌿 boosts volume with regular use
🌿 promotes hair growth
🌿 helps improve hair thickness
🌿 conditions and moisturizes scalp and hair

Ingredients: powder lotus flower, coconut milk, rose petals, amla fruit, marshmallow root.


TREATMENT: add (3) tablespoons or less to a bowl, add (1)tablespoon of the hair oil of your choice. Add (1) tablespoon of honey (optional), slowly add hot water while mixing until you reach the desired consistency. Apply to freshly washed hair & scalp, don't comb your hair. Smooth the mask throughout your hair, cover with plastic cap. Leave in 45 mins. Rinse with a sulfate-free shampoo, deep condition. Powder use amount is for shoulder-length hair.

HAIR GLOSS: add 1 tbsp to your favorite conditioner. Mix thoroughly, apply to clean wet hair.

PRE POO OIL: Add 1 spoonful to 8 ounces of oil of your choice. Mix thoroughly, apply to wet or dry hair.

The instruction use amount is for shoulder-length hair. Use less powder for shorter hair.

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